Approaching asset closure with confidence

Decommissioning is an important step in the lifecycle of any structure and is often not well understood by asset owners. As ageing and redundant manufacturing facilities, mine sites, and utilities come to the end of their useful life, they must be retired and decommissioned through deconstruction, recycling and disposal of materials. Depending on the structure, facility or mine, clean up and remediation requirements will vary, and project owners should understand there is no single ideal solution.

Ageing infrastructure is characterised by corrosion, deterioration and contamination. Original documentation may not be available to guide the planning required for decommissioning and the presence, location, and volume of hazardous materials may not be known. Without taking the necessary time, effort, and resources to understand the decommissioning risks and feasible project methodologies, a project can easily unravel.

Specialising in the decommissioning of industrial, energy, mining, and manufacturing facilities, DEMEX is among Australia’s leading decommissioning and demolition contractors. We provide commercial and industrial decommissioning of complete and partial structures (internal and external), bridges, structures at height, multi-level structures, detailed and intricate demolition, and high risk demolition requiring specialised machinery and project management. Working Australia-wide in urban, regional, and remote sites such as mines and power stations, we are licensed to provide unrestricted demolition services for the mining, resources, and government sectors. Our capacity for innovation and unwavering commitment to safety means we’re never daunted by a project’s complexity, location, size or duration.

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Decommissioning & demolition contractor for major projects

Whether you’re leading a government project, a principal contractor, or project owner needing an independent contractor for demolition services and decommissioning, we understand the challenges of just getting to ground zero for your project. Our decommissioning and demolition capability extends to:

  • Complete and partial structures, including in built up urban areas
  • Bridges 
  • Multi-level structures and structures at height
  • Internal building demolition (soft-strips)
  • Projects requiring specialised intricate demolition work
  • Remote site demolition projects, for example, power station and mine site decommissioning
  • Hazardous material removal and decontamination, for example, for asbestos and explosive materials
  • Project specific environmental risk management, for example, for noise, vibration, and dust 
  • Site remediation services
  • Waste recycling and disposal services
  • Early project civil works and site preparation.

We recognise every project is unique and formulate an approach accordingly, bringing our skills, experience, and professionalism to deliver successful outcomes on time and within budget.



Safe and effective decommissioning project completion

Decommissioning and demolition is high risk work, and it is with this understanding that we apply a ‘safety first’ approach to every project. Our safety systems are independently certified and we deliver our clients’ projects in full compliance with all health, safety, and environmental standards, including:

  • Model Code of Practice: Demolition work
  • ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management Systems 
  • ISO 14001:2015  - Environmental Management Systems 
  • ISO 45001:2008 - Quality Health and Safety Management Systems
  • FSC Accreditation.

Consistent with these independent standards, our business is underpinned by strong systems, commercial robustness, and insurances that provide confidence to our clients. Full details of our approach to demolition and decommissioning projects can be found here.



Meeting social and environmental obligations

Decommissioning of major facilities, such as mines, power stations, and manufacturing plants invariably draw scrutiny from external stakeholders who want to know that the project is being conducted in a way that meets all the asset owner’s obligations. When performed well, decommissioning projects can achieve recycling rates in excess of 90 percent, limiting the volume of waste to landfill, and maximising the volume of resources to be salvaged. By working with an experienced decommissioning contractor, project owners can be confident they are meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements for closure.



Effective use of resources

A reliable well-maintained fleet is pivotal to successful delivery of every project and specialist high reach excavators are ideal for industrial projects. Its many benefits include:

  • Making complex work at heights more manageable, as safety and environmental risks can be minimised.
  • It significantly reduces the time required for demolition, allowing project delivery to be more efficient and project schedules to be accelerated.
  • Precision in delivery; a benefit evident particularly in dismantling of buildings positioned in awkward and difficult to reach spaces, such as in heavily built up urban zones.

Effective in action, high reach demolition excavators are a valuable addition to projects requiring extra reach, delivered safely.

Dismantling & Demolition Contractor for Offshore Decommissioning

As offshore decommissioning activity in Australia gains momentum in the wake of assets reaching their end of life, the requirement for disposal capability and capacity is growing in parallel. DEMEX is responding to this demand by bringing its industrial and mine demolition experience to support the decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure.


In terms of project delivery, DEMEX has the capability to work with asset owners, head contractors, and complementary service providers to undertake decommissioning and demolition of full or partial offshore structures which have been landed onshore. Drawing on a demonstrated track record of scoping, pricing, methodology design, and project delivery of whole and large structures similar to offshore facilities, including in port and marine environments, we are ready to collaborate with the broader industry.


DEMEX is licensed to conduct demolition and asbestos removal in Western Australia and can work as a subcontractor undertaking the onshore dismantling and sorting which is required to dispose of infrastructure.


  • Site investigations
  • Cost estimates
  • Dismantling
  • Demolition
  • Hazmat removal
  • Resource management.

With port, marine, and heavy industry experience, including in remote island locations, DEMEX can adapt this capability to the unique needs of offshore decommissioning projects. Our specialty lies in being agile enough to respond quickly and undertake commissions up to $20 M. We are proud partners of the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) as it leads the industry to address challenges presented by oil and gas infrastructure reaching its end of life.


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