Contaminated Site Remediation Services

Contaminated site remediation services

Contaminated site remediation and hazardous waste site soil remediation for polluted sites such as industrial, manufacturing, and mine sites, requires a team with an understanding of the environmental and waste management framework in which services are delivered. Legislated through State and Territory environmental and OHS regulations, the approach to asbestos contaminated soil, or any contaminated soil, is complex and must be approached with a focus on careful planning, risk management, and safe work practices.

Contaminated site remediation services

Industrial manufacturing, mine operations, and commercial developments are a source of soil contamination that can have significant environmental impacts. Together with our network of trusted remediation partners, we collaborate with clients to devise practical solutions, including ways in which waste can be recycled and reused according to circular economy principles. Mine operators, manufacturing facility owners, and developers can benefit from early assessment of potential soil contamination. Through early assessment and planning, project owners can contribute to sustainable management of resources.

Understanding the regulatory framework for contaminated site remediation

In many instances, remediation of contaminated sites can be costly and a logistical challenge, particularly sites contaminated by building waste containing asbestos. In terms of demolition of buildings and structures on industrial and mine sites, we’re referring to remediation as the excavation of contaminated soils and containment of these on site, together with non-recyclable waste material.


Asbestos removal and remediation of contaminated sites is bound by strict regulations across OHS, environment, waste, public health, mining and quarrying, and building standards. Additionally, all States and Territories apart from Victoria have adopted the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice, providing guidance on practices for safe removal of contaminated soil.


Given that many sites around Australia earmarked for development are contaminated by a vast array of contaminants due to previous industrial activity, chemicals, or even naturally occurring contamination, thorough knowledge of the regulations, as well as experience of different remediation techniques and waste disposal is required.

Providing integrated project solutions for contaminated soil projects

The capacity to deliver an integrated solution for contaminated soil remediation relies on a team with a comprehensive suite of skills and experience. Depending on the specific needs of each commission, we assemble experienced project teams drawing from our pool of internal resources and the skills of independent specialist licensed contractors who we have partnered with over many years.


This approach provides for independence within the assessment of hazardous risks and creates a level of oversight that manages down risks. We approach each project this way and keep communication lines with regulatory authorities open allowing transparency to demonstrate not only our willingness, but our capacity, to meet all OH&S, environmental, and other legal requirements.

Project success in contaminated soil remediation

Innovation is integral to our approach, with each project providing opportunities to identify new and more effective ways to achieve safe remediation of contaminated sites. The DEMEX team has successfully delivered many soil remediation projects across diverse environments, including:


  • Roma Hospital
  • Former Orange Base Hospital
  • Dubbo Base Hospital
  • Armidale Secondary College
  • Surfer Royale highrise demolition
  • 200 Turbot St structural demolition
  • Monaro High School, which involved removal of Mr. Fluffy asbestos contaminated material

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Project delivery across diverse sectors

DEMEX is a specialist remediation and rehabilitation contractor for industrial, mining, gas, and commercial development sites, including hazmat, acid sulphate soil, mould removal, and mould treatment.

Industrial & Mining

  • Mine infrastructure

  • Power stations

  • Industrial manufacturing plants

  • Post disaster clean up


  • Schools and educational facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Office buildings

  • Commercial warehouses

  • Retail shopping malls

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