Remediation & Rehabilitation

Remediation & Rehabilitation

Providing remediation and rehabilitation services for industrial, mining, and commercial development projects, we support our clients to meet their environmental obligations with respect to the removal and treatment of hazardous materials, acid sulphate soil, and mould. Whether you require a detailed contaminated site assessment, or are ready to move to implementation, our team will work with you to remediate and rehabilitate your contaminated site.

When it comes to managing contaminated site remediation and rehabilitation, project owners are frequently concerned about:

  • Likely financial cost and time to complete the works
  • Regulatory compliance requirements across all legislation
  • Risks associated with the work and how these will be managed
  • Capability and experience of the contractor to complete the work.

As specialist demolition contractors, we understand that remediation and rehabilitation must meet regulatory requirements and be economically viable for the project proponent. We also understand project owners want to manage risks arising from the decontamination process. Through detailed planning available through our demolition consulting service, you can understand the degree of contamination and methods for removal and treatment, allowing your business management to make sound, well-informed decisions.

Safety for our people and in our methodology is at the forefront of our approach to delivering remediation and rehabilitation services across diverse sectors. We adhere to all regulations and standards required to achieve effective site remediation in a safe manner, ensuring removal of contaminants is compliant.

Addressing the challenges of hazardous waste site remediation

While many projects have documented hazardous waste prior to commencement of a project, due to the varied nature of contamination, there is value in consulting with a specialist contractor for hazardous waste site remediation. Early contractor involvement, including during the project scoping phase often means opportunities to realise value and reduce the overall project schedule may be identified. We undertake feasibility studies, destructive audits, authority coordination, manage service disconnections and relocations, community consultation, traffic control and project management. Additionally, site remediation and rehabilitation forms an important part of our overall approach to industrial and mine site demolition and encompasses the following:


Asbestos and hazardous material removal


We provide asbestos and hazardous removal services across all states and territories, with our core team, delivering projects in diverse locations from inner city highrise structures to remote site decommissioning of mine infrastructure. Licenced and experienced in the removal of bonded and friable asbestos, DEMEX employs a dedicated asbestos removal team to undertake all types of asbestos removal Australia wide.


Contaminated site remediation


Our contaminated site remediation services encompass detailed site assessments that inform industrial and mine plant decommissioning and closure planning, remediation of polluted sites; mould cleaning and remediation, and removal and treatment of contaminated soil. 


Mine site decommissioning


Effective mine site decommissioning is part of a social licence to operate and every mine owner needs to consider demolition costs and planning as part of their overall approach to closure planning activities. Without specialist knowledge and experience required to accurately assess and estimate costs, mine operators are at risk of overlooking important considerations. The DEMEX team undertakes demolition consulting that informs the demolition methodology underpinning mine infrastructure dismantling, asset recovery, and salvage of mining, energy, and industrial facilities.


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Hazardous material and asbestos removal

Many factors influence the requirements for hazardous material and asbestos removal. If a site has been affected by uncontrolled dumping resulting in soil contamination, significant hazardous materials and asbestos removal activities may be required before redevelopment can commence. We offer clients the competence, skills, knowledge, and experience of our dedicated team to deliver complex site remediation projects by undertaking:

  • Asbestos management and removal control plans and pre-works dilapidation assessment
  • Site establishment for project execution (including amenities, security, and HSE)
  • Establishing environmental controls and clearing of vegetation
  • Preliminary earthworks
  • Establishment of asbestos containment zones
  • Disposal of contaminated soil in accordance with regulations
  • Removal of all asbestos and hazardous materials from site in accordance with regulations
  • Preparing the site for subsequent project development by completing civil works, such as backfilling, contouring, and drainage. 

DEMEX is a licensed Class A asbestos removal contractor with significant experience in the containment and removal of soil and materials contaminated with asbestos, chemicals, and acid sulphate. Talk to our team about how we can help solve your contaminated site challenges.


Contaminated site remediation

Contaminated site remediation for polluted sites, including industrial and mine sites, as well as hazardous waste and site soil remediation, requires the coordinated expertise of a team with an understanding of the environmental and waste management framework in which services are delivered. Legislated with State and Territory environmental and WHS regulations, the approach to asbestos contaminated soil, or any contaminated soil, is complex and must be approached with a focus on careful planning and risk management.


With over 75,000 different contaminants potentially found in soil, working with contaminated site remediation specialists can provide confidence you are meeting all environmental, safety, waste, and public health legislative requirements. 


Mine site remediation

Mine operators are required to meet significant obligations with respect to mine site remediation. Without specialist knowledge, skills, and experience to inform mine site remediation as part of progressive closure planning, mine operators are at risk of failing to meet these obligations. 


We work with mine operators and industrial asset owners across Australia as an astute closure partner and strive to provide an integrated solution that covers closure planning, decommissioning, demolition, deconstruction, and contaminated site remediation services to achieve closure goals and commitments. With a deep understanding of stakeholder expectations regarding environmental, social, and governance obligations, our objective is to work collaboratively to meet or exceed these on your project. With contaminated site remediation core business for us, we bring our best team, knowledge, and experience to resolve your challenges. If you have questions about how to manage a contaminated site as part of a project upgrade or asset closure, reach out to the team today and we’ll work with you to develop a solution.   


Project delivery across diverse sectors

DEMEX is a specialist remediation and rehabilitation contractor for industrial, mining, gas, and commercial development sites, including hazmat, acid sulphate soil, mould removal, and mould treatment.

Industrial & Mining

  • Mine infrastructure

  • Power stations

  • Industrial manufacturing plants

  • Post disaster clean up


  • Schools and educational facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Office buildings

  • Commercial warehouses

  • Retail shopping malls

Specialist industrial demolition contractor for every stage of the asset lifecycle

Project Showcase

Project Surfers Royale, Surfurs Paradise Qld

Surfers Royale, Surfurs Paradise Qld

DEMEX was engaged by Hutchinson Builders to complete the full demolition of the Gold Coast shopping centre known as The Paradise Centre, located on the Esplanade of Surfers Paradise CBD. +Learn more about this project
Project St Andrew's Private Hospital Ipswich

St Andrew's Private Hospital Ipswich, Qld

DEMEX was engaged by Hutchinson Builders to complete the full demolition of the Gold Coast shopping centre known as The Paradise Centre, located on the Esplanade of Surfers Paradise CBD. +Learn more about this project
Project Roma Hospital Roma, Qld

Roma Hospital Roma, Qld

DEMEX was engaged by Hutchinson Builders to complete the full demolition of the Gold Coast shopping centre known as The Paradise Centre, located on the Esplanade of Surfers Paradise CBD. +Learn more about this project
Project Paradise Centre

Paradise Centre

DEMEX was engaged by Hutchinson Builders to complete the full demolition of the Gold Coast shopping centre known as The Paradise Centre, located on the Esplanade of Surfers Paradise CBD. +Learn more about this project

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