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Demolition consulting is a worthwhile investment for mine operators, owners of industrial and manufacturing facilities, and project developers who want a detailed understanding of options for their project and the associated risks. Working with a specialist demolition consultant, project owners gain the capacity to more accurately assess demolition costs that would otherwise be underestimated and fall short of allowances made for project delivery. This presents a major project risk that can be exacerbated by poor planning that does not account for complicating factors such as project location, site constraints and weather, regulations, and remediation and rehabilitation requirements. Project owners also gain a clear understanding of the risks associated with pursuing a specific pathway, including the requirement for removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos, chemicals, and PFAS.

With diverse project experience across all major industry sectors, our demolition consulting team will work with you to make informed decisions regarding your project. Whether it’s a decision to demolish or refurbish, a commitment to deliver your project as safely as possible, or to obtain a second opinion, demolition consulting provides access to our best resources to help design and deliver your project.

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Demolition Advisory Services

Without the right knowledge, skills, and experience, the method for calculating the demolition component of a facility closure, new project, or asset upgrade as part of capital works can be estimated incorrectly. We work closely with our clients to provide guidance in key areas through demolition consulting services that include:

  • Planning requirements for decommissioning and demolition
  • Assessment of risks associated with safety and engineering
  • Specialist technical advice
  • Assessing equipment needs
  • Management approach for hazardous materials, including site decontamination
  • Potential financial returns from ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
  • Accurate cost estimates for demolition prepared as part of a feasibility study.

Whether your project is an inner city highrise demolition, a mine site closure, or an industrial demolition, we can support you to make a decision informed by robust calculations and demolition methods based on experience, capability, and knowledge of the latest advances in technologies and methods.


Progressive mine closure and rehabilitation (PRCP)



Mine site demolition demands a different technical skillset to that required for mine operations. As such it can present challenges for mine operators. Without specialist knowledge, skills, and experience to inform demolition planning and project execution, mine operators are exposed to risk. Financial overruns due to poor estimating and planning are common on major upgrade or expansion projects involving infrastructure removal, or at mine closure, which is where specialist technical skills and experience helps. DEMEX works with mine operators across Australia as an astute mine closure partner, providing mine closure planning, decommissioning, demolition, deconstruction, and remediation services to achieve closure goals and commitments.


Comparative cost estimates



We work with project owners seeking comparative cost estimates for the demolition and remediation aspects of projects, a process which allows us to identify opportunities for project acceleration, refinement of project sequencing, areas where more value can be realised, and development of revised demolition methodologies that lead to safer project delivery. From demolition consulting through to complex infrastructure deconstruction and removal, remediation and rehabilitation, our team works with you to achieve your project goals.


Early contractor involvement 



Early contractor involvement (ECI) provides the opportunity for close collaboration between project owners, the principal demolition contractor, and other service providers to refine a project’s demolition method. Through the collaboration of the ECI process it is possible to identify opportunities for reducing costs and efficiencies, maximising future recovery of a site, and value engineering.


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