A trusted civil contractor for earthworks and detailed construction.

Operating under QBCC licence 15180761, our civil contracting capability encompasses experience across civil projects of varying size, scope, and location; a fleet of late model, well maintained plant, machinery and equipment; and a team of experienced, long term DEMEX operators who understand the importance of safe and efficient project delivery.
In terms of civil contracting capability and experience, we can self-perform, or manage and supervise as principal contractor all works performed by subcontractors. We have a core team of experienced project managers, site supervisors and operators fluent in techniques and methods for managing project production schedules, regardless of impacts from weather, conditions, and other project works. Adopting principles of value engineering during planning and implementation means we support clients to improve overall project value.
Understanding each project is unique, we adopt an approach that fosters innovation within the parameters of relevant industry, environmental, and health and safety legislation and codes. Delivering value to our clients is integral to the way we work; an approach that is evident in our astute governance of project costs, time, quality, safety, and the environment. Where possible we look for opportunities to repurpose materials on the project, rather than export off site, and as a result achieve meaningful recycling targets, often exceeding 90 percent on a project.

Experienced civil contractor for major projects: Experienced, professional, innovative

Our experience has been forged on projects in diverse environments, from inner city construction sites to major redevelopment and complex basement digs. The entire team from project managers to operators on the ground strives to deliver solutions tailored to the requirements of each assignment. Innovation is a core DEMEX value and depending on the client challenge, we will identify opportunities to deliver your civil project by introducing innovation within the parameters of regulatory and safety frameworks.

Bulk excavation – We perform major bulk earthworks on infrastructure, mining, government, and commercial development projects with a requirement for bulk excavation such as cut and fill, trenches, basements, roads, rock excavation,

Detailed excavation – For works requiring greater precision, we undertake detailed excavation works that include strip footings, pad footings, pile caps and set downs.

Contaminated soil remediation – As part of site preparation, we undertake contaminated site remediation and hazardous waste site soil remediation for polluted sites such as industrial, manufacturing, and mine operations preparing for closure.

Civil demolition of existing infrastructure for recycling – Our capability extends to include demolition of infrastructure, such as bridge demolition, allowing us to process materials onsite by crushing, sieving and screening of oversize materials, either for reuse on the project or export to an appropriate disposal facility for recycling or resale.

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Civil contracting fleet

There are many factors to consider when it comes to equipment selection for civil contracting projects. Without an understanding of best fit for purpose applications and safety, a project can be derailed because machinery is left idle on site, potentially even placing operators, workers and subcontractors at risk.
DEMEX owns, operates, and maintains a substantial fleet of construction and demolition plant and equipment from our Gold Coast head office location, while also servicing from Cairns and Darwin. Inhouse service capacity extends to float transport, transport permits and escort services, a servicing and maintenance workshop, mobile site service vehicles, and exceptional ongoing plant risk assessment and maintenance.
  • Excavators

  • Specialised demolition high-reach excavators

  • Modern array of demolition attachments

  • Prime movers and semi-trailers

  • Trailers including super bins and float

  • Hook trucks and bins

  • Dedicated service truck

  • Dedicated light vehicle fleet

  • Haul trucks, compaction rollers & telescopic handlers

  • Mini machines including skid steers and forklifts

  • Water trucks

Our growing fleet of specialist high reach demolition excavators provides outstanding capabilities to undertake more complex at height demolition projects in different locations if required.

Equipment that delivers project success

With safety our number one priority, we ensure DEMEX operators’ training is up to date, and when new equipment is brought into the fleet, appropriate training is provided to ensure appropriate competency levels.
We take a preventive approach to plant and equipment requirements and implement the following measures to ensure reliable access to necessary resources:
  • Send our best equipment, including our fleet fuel efficient hybrid excavators

  • Ensure plant and equipment can be replaced immediately, if required, by trusted partners in our network

  • Draw on the expertise of our team at the DEMEX fully equipped maintenance and service workshop

All DEMEX owned plant hire is maintained and serviced in accordance with our IMS and legal requirements. Every effort is made to reduce or eliminate downtime of resources during projects and we continue to review the impact of our business on the environment. We are committed to building our low emission fleet, having invested in 50 tonne low emission excavators that offer greater fuel efficiency and improved environmental outcomes from their use.

Construction materials supply and disposal​

Recognising the increasing demands on project owners to achieve industry best sustainability and environmental management performance targets, DEMEX provides clients with cost effective solutions for construction and demolition materials disposal regardless of project size.
At key locations, we work together with our clients to recycle, reuse, and reduce construction and demolition waste to landfill in order to realise improved recovery rates on every project. Our goal is always to achieve a safe, fully compliant location for disposal of construction and demolition materials, and a reliable, trusted supplier of quality recycled materials for reuse.
Enquire about how we work with project owners to achieve sustainability targets.

Civil contracting services

  • Bulk and detailed earthworks

  • Road construction

  • Concrete works, including kerbs, concrete pavements, footpaths, slabs, crossovers

  • Services relocation and installation

  • Sewer reticulation, stormwater and water infrastructure

  • Construction of containment cells

  • Removal of asbestos contaminated soil

  • Contaminated site remediation

  • Excavation, shoring, underpinning and foundations

  • Retention systems

  • Site build up

  • Slope stabilisation

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