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High reach demolition may be employed as the most effective demolition method on a range of commercial and industrial demolition projects. High reach demolition is undertaken with high reach excavators fitted with a range of specialized attachments. Together, these allow mechanical demolition to perform work, which would have been performed manually in the past.

High reach demolition can be effective for projects in the commercial and industrial sectors. In locations with a small footprint, such as in heavily built up urban environments, and where there is a requirement for minimal disturbance and maintenance of public safety is paramount, high reach demolition allows access in otherwise difficult to reach structures. Structures can be demolished safely, noise reduced, and dust kept to a minimum with specific dust suppression technology. Particularly effective on brownfield sites where buildings have reached their end of life and are earmarked for redevelopment, builders and developers can work collaboratively with a specialist high reach demolition contractor to prepare the site for redevelopment.

Machine based demolition using high reach excavators can make the demolition a safer process. Rather than workers manually dismantling structures, high reach excavators mean that workers are not directly at the workface. This is particularly relevant in circumstances where structural design modifications have been made leaving many unknowns until demolition commences.

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High reach demolition experience


With a reliable and well-maintained fleet of high reach excavators designed to take on major highrise and industrial demolition projects, we are equipped to support commercial and industrial clients with challenging projects.


Our high reach excavators are designed to operate under difficult conditions, with large robust undercarriages and attachments that can be configured to work at heights or process materials at or near ground level.

High reach demolition for complex projects

As an industry leader, DEMEX was among the first Australian demolition contractors to add high reach excavators to its fleet. This has allowed us to take on more complex projects across all market sectors that showcase our high reach demolition experience.


High reach demolition provides versatility and safer options for projects in difficult to access and operating environments.


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