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The mine operator’s partner in deconstruction and decommissioning

Mine site demolition demands a different technical skillset to that required for mine operations. As such it can present challenges for mine operators. Without specialist knowledge, skills, and experience to inform demolition planning and project execution, mine operators are exposed to risk. Financial overruns due to poor estimating and planning are common on major upgrade or expansion projects involving infrastructure removal, or at mine closure, which is where specialist technical skills and experience helps.
We work with mine operators across Australia as an astute mine closure partner, providing mine closure planning, decommissioning, demolition, deconstruction, and remediation services to achieve closure goals and commitments.

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Mine site demolition consulting


Mine site demolition starts with planning. By working with our demolition consulting team, mine operators can understand overall cost estimates for:


  • Disconnection and termination of services.
  • Deconstruction and removal of coal handling processing plants.
  • Demolition and removal of all other structures on site, such as buildings, tanks, processing plants, and ground and overhead conveyors.
  • Deconstruction and removal of thickener tanks
    Removal of concrete pads, footings, and roads
    Capping of tailings and sealing of portals and mine entries.
  • Civil and bulk earthworks.
  • Mine site remediation and rehabilitation delivered in conjunction with our partners.
  • With a better appreciation of costs, appropriate provisions can be made in progressive mine closure and rehabilitation planning.
  • Depending on the site, it may be possible to salvage steel from the site to cover an element of demolition and removal costs. Similarly, there may also be potential for dismantling or reuse of mobile mine plant, either on other sites owned by the operator, or with other mine operators. True mine site demolition costs, however, are best understood through analysis completed in conjunction with a demolition specialist.

Mine closure planning that minimises risk


The challenges and risks for mine operators have never been greater. In the context of increasing expectations and legislation around progressive mine closure, remediation, and rehabilitation, preparing and implementing a safe and cost-effective plan for demolition of mining related infrastructure is key.


While mine design and operations may be well understood by mine operators, the costs and design of progressive closure activities, such as mine site demolition, are not. As closure approaches, mine operators need to consider:


  • Operational status of the Mine plan or schedule Progressive rehabilitation.
  • Type of mine (open cut, underground, or both; large or small).
  • The method for estimating costs, such as indirect, demolition/deconstruction, rehabilitation, and tailings capping.

Frequently underestimated by a multiple, mine closure plans and activities often fall short of meeting legislative requirements, allocated budgets, and stakeholder expectations, ultimately leading to unexpected cost overruns and reputational damage.


Whether your project requires inputs to early mine design feasibility studies; is an operating mine undertaking progressive closure works; or is a disused or derelict facility; our demolition consulting service will help you gain valuable insight to mine demolition costs and methodology.


From demolition consulting to complex infrastructure deconstruction and removal, remediation and rehabilitation, our team works with you to achieve your closure goals.


Total or partial mine decommissioning & demolition


Understanding the importance of health and safety to project success, we strive to deliver all projects in accordance with relevant demolition and environmental requirements, standards, and legislation.


We appreciate the nuances to mine site demolition, and as such, ensure all project team members are appropriately trained to be able to work safely in keeping with site specific requirements.


In keeping with client expectations, we present evidence of our health and safety track record to build confidence in our capacity to support you as a competent project delivery partner.


Collingwood Tin Mine Processing Plant

Blayney Dewatering Facility

MUL034 and MUL037

Mulwala Explosives Facility.

Mine infrastructure dismantling, asset recovery and salvage

Long before decommissioning commences, as part of a social licence to operate, every mine owner needs to consider demolition costs and planning as part of their overall approach to mine closure planning. Without specialist knowledge and experience required to accurately assess and estimate costs, mine operators are at risk of overlooking important considerations.


With experience in mine infrastructure dismantling, asset recovery, and salvage of mining, energy, and industrial facilities, we support mining companies and agencies responsible for mine site rehabilitation to:


  • Plan and manage for decommissioning and demolition of mine site infrastructure
  • Identify engineering and safety challenges, which are different to mine operation safety and engineering considerations
  • Engage specialist technical consultants, such as structural engineers with demolition experience
  • Assess equipment requirements for deconstruction and mobilisation/demobilisation based on the site’s geographic location
  • Identify and remove hazardous materials, including asbestos and volatile materials
  • Estimate mine deconstruction costs based on experience of similar projects in the mining, industrial, and construction sectors
  • Liaise with other mine closure consultants and service providers to achieve your mine closure goals and obligations.

Sustainability stewardship

We acknowledge our obligations as a corporate citizen and continue to develop the ways we deliver on internal sustainability commitments and community expectations. Underpinned by our certified integrated management system, we are addressing environment, social, and governance in the following ways:


  • Project specific local economic development through supplier arrangements
  • Indigenous economic development and capacity building through local Indigenous contractor engagement, training, and where possible, long term employment with DEMEX, which is underpinned by our Indigenous Employment Strategy
  • Preservation of cultural and local heritage 
  • Responsible supply chain management, including measures preventing use of of suppliers and products benefitting from modern slavery
  • Effective community and stakeholder management for the duration of projects
  • Sustainability data capture to support clients’ reporting requirements
  • Acquisition of low emission, fuel efficient plant and equipment
  • Achieving outstanding waste management and recycling and beneficial reuse results on projects, including up to 99 percent waste recycled on site.
  • Innovating new technologies and methods on projects that demand unique solutions.

Integrity is a core value at DEMEX and remains at the heart of our overall approach to business. At the time of tender, we take the time to prepare responses which demonstrate this level of care and expertise.

DEMEX is a member of Austmine, a mining industry association committed to development of the Australian mining equipment, technology and services (METS).

Ensure there is consistent spacing before and after as shown in the screenshot. This was difficult to do in the image, but I think you’ll know what I mean.

Specialist industrial demolition contractor for every stage of the asset lifecycle

DEMEX is a member of Austmine, a mining industry association committed to development of the Australian mining equipment, technology and services (METS).

Ensure there is consistent spacing before and after as shown in the screenshot. This was difficult to do in the image, but I think you’ll know what I mean.

Specialist industrial demolition contractor for every stage of the asset lifecycle

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