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DEMEX was engaged by LOGOS Property Group to undertake the Wacol Logistics Hub project and commenced the significant civil and demolition works as principal contractor in March 2021. Spanning an area more than 18 hectares, the project site is located in the outer western reaches of Brisbane.

Plant and equipment were brought in to demolish the structures on site. During this process materials were sorted into construction and demolition (C&D) waste, timbers, steel, concrete, and hazardous materials.


Project Role

Project Scope

Scope of works included demolition of all above ground structures, and removal of hazardous materials from the site. Once the structures were demolished to slab level, excavators broke up the concrete and stripped steel from it.

Project Highlights

Over 70% of the site’s development was completed using recycled materials, and we recycled 99% of all materials which included 70,000 tonne of concrete, 1,200 tonne of steel and 50 tonne of  timber. 

Initially DEMEX, through competitive tender process, where awarded demolition of the project. Through performance, safety management systems/performance and a collaborative process, DEMEX were awarded the bulk earthworks and trunk stormwater for the project.

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