The importance of early contractor involvement in demolition projects

Demolition consulting services play a crucial role in the successful closure of assets in industries such as mining, industrial, and manufacturing. However, the significance of early contractor involvement in these closure projects is often underestimated, with asset owners relying solely on operational experience to handle the decommissioning and demolition stages of closure. This assumption can prove to be costly, as operational expertise alone does not guarantee a safe, cost-effective, and timely completion of the process. 

early contractor involvement

Why engage a demolition consultant for early contractor involvement? 

Engaging a demolition consultant in the early stages offers several advantages to asset owners. Among the benefits is the ability to devise an optimal methodology and undertake detailed demolition planning that reduces project risk, and potentially project schedule and costs. Depending on a project’s complexity, multiple reviews of a methodology may be necessary, and while this takes time, ultimately it is an investment in the project’s overall success.  

Demolition planning is vital for preparing a site for closure, rehabilitation, or redevelopment, especially when intricate demolition requirements are involved. Failing to leverage the specialised skills and experience provided by demolition contractors can lead to serious consequences, such as reputational damage, financial penalties, and project schedule and budget overruns, with the latter occurring frequently due to lack of knowledge and experience in demolition projects. Given the ever-increasing regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations, the decision not to involve demolition experts in feasibility studies can prove to be detrimental in more ways than one. 


So, why is it crucial to invest in demolition consulting services? Here are just three compelling reasons: 

  1. Optimal Methodology: A demolition consultant possesses extensive knowledge and experience in various specialist demolition techniques and methods. This expertise serves as a valuable resource for developing the most suitable methodology for a project. By adopting a collaborative approach that incorporates input from the client, demolition consultant, and project delivery team, innovative solutions can be discovered that might have otherwise been overlooked.
  2. Improved Risk Management: Demolition work is inherently hazardous and carries significant risks. By tapping into the knowledge, skills, and experience of a demolition consultant, there is a higher likelihood of identifying and managing these risks effectively. Simultaneously, opportunities for cost and schedule savings can be identified and implemented without compromising safety or project outcomes.
  3. Being prepared for the unexpected: While involving a demolition consultant during the planning stages helps reduce project risks, it’s common for unexpected challenges to arise during the execution phase. A demolition expert with consulting experience can assess the impact of unforeseen situations and adapt the methodology accordingly, ensuring the project can proceed safely and efficiently. 


What about demolition consulting before closure? 

It is essential to note that demolition consulting services are not limited to major infrastructure removal projects. Even when structures or assets are not immediately scheduled for removal due to age or closure, engaging a consultant early on is a wise decision. This early involvement provides clients with an accurate understanding of costs, enabling them to factor these expenses into future budgets. Additionally, project teams operating under the misconception that keeping retired assets in place incurs no cost can have their perceptions challenged with factual information and real costs. While the final decision may still be to postpone removal, it will be made with a comprehensive understanding of the economic, environmental, and social costs associated with such a choice. Mine operators facing mine closure stand to benefit from investing in mine site demolition consulting services. By engaging a demolition consultant during prefeasibility and feasibility studies, they can effectively address the closure process, considering the progressive closure and rehabilitation aspects. 

The need for early contractor involvement in demolition projects extends well beyond the mining sector. Asset owners in various industries are responding to changing legislation, as well as increasing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) expectations and obligations. Recognising the potential reputational risks associated with overlooking key areas of a closure project, asset owners are now prioritising informed decision-making throughout the project development process. They understand that demolition consulting services are not an obstacle on the path to closure or development but rather an invaluable resource that contributes to successful project outcomes. 


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