Early Works Contractor Guide For Property Developers

Redeveloping a site? 

Early contractor involvement gives property developers what they need to work smarter, understand their options, and capitalise on today’s construction industry disruption. 

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What is early contractor involvement?

Early contractor involvement – or ECI – that is delivered by an enabling works contractor can help developers overcome the myriad of challenges they face in today’s challenging construction market.

Between inflationary pressure, tightening project finance, escalating supply costs, competition for skilled labour, increasing regulations, growing sustainability expectations, builders going bust, and historically high builder insolvencies and demand for housing, Australian property developers face a perfect storm.

With potential for any one of these factors to impact project economics and delivery, commercial developers and the broader construction sector must innovate and collaborate to devise solutions. This makes every potential opportunity to reduce costs and risks worthy of consideration.

Developers – even experienced tier one companies – do not realise a specialist enabling works contractor can help them avoid hidden project costs and risks that impact project outcomes.

Developer challenges solved by enabling works contractor

Limited prep time

Insufficient time for understanding a project leads to apples with oranges price comparisons.

Inaccurate hazmat assessment

Inaccurate assessments means insufficient allowance for hazmat removal and variations

Unsafe methodology

Choosing the wrong methodology can mean compliance breaches, site shutdowns, and delays.

No options analysis

Failing to consider all options means the project approach is not even close to optimised.

Greater risk potential

Without considering the project holistically, there is great potential for risks to be underestimated, or even overlooked.

Missed opportunities

Failing to collaborate with specialist contractors to capitalise on their smarts means that opportunities to value engineer and optimise works sequencing are missed.

What to expect from an early works contractor

Under an ECI arrangement with an early works contractor, you can expect:

  • Improved forecasting

  • Fewer project administration headaches and costs

  • More accurate estimates for enabling works

  • Reduced risk

  • Fewer transitions between trades

  • Value engineering opportunities

  • Reduced likelihood of program overruns.

Early contractor involvement – or ECI – allows for a transparent approach to pricing and delivery of a project’s front end enabling works and demolition. The transparency of a collaborative ECI contract this arrangement provides developers with a more accurate assessment of early stage delivery options, as well as costs and risks.

Struggling to find efficiencies at the front end of your development project? Download the ECI Guide for Developers.

Recent Project Success

Fox Road, Acacia Ridge, QLD

Factory demolition, asbestos removal, and civil earthworks

Recent Project Success

Fox Road, Acacia Ridge, QLD

Factory demolition, asbestos removal, and civil earthworks

Project Showcase

DEMEX: A specialist enabling works contractor for Australian developers

DEMEX is a specialist enabling works contractor working with Australian property developers and builders operating in delivery of residential, commercial and light industrial developments in the construction sector.

Established over 25 years, DEMEX is proudly Gold Coast based and has capacity to deliver service disconnections, hazmat removal, demolition, remediation, and associated civil works for development projects in diverse sectors.

We strive to be a trusted project partner for our clients by delivering value and innovative solutions to clients by drawing on inhouse project managers, engineering, trade teams, and specialist contractors.

To learn more about solving your development project challenges with early contractor involvement, download our ECI Guide for Developers.  



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